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Ditch legacy POS and enjoy easy Xero integration with Lightspeed - Beyond Account - Dublin

Ditch legacy POS and enjoy easy Xero integration with Lightspeed

In the hospitality sector, isolated point of sale systems are a source of endless manual labour for the bookkeeper. Wouldn't it be so much easier if your point of sale systems talked directly to your accounting software? By integrating Xero accounting software with Lightspeed, that's exactly what you get.
Xero Demonstration in Dublin Beyond Accounting -Ireland's only Xero Platinum Partner

Xero Demonstration: 27/06/2019, 9 am

Come along to our FREE Xero Demonstration and find out what cloud accounting is all about! Beyond is Ireland's leading Xero expert and only Platinum Partner. We can advise you on Xero, as well as integrations with other business tools to streamline your business processes.
Business technology: Are you still getting stung by bad currency exchange rates and fees?

Are you still getting stung by bad currency exchange rates and fees?

The Irish banking system makes currency transfers work in their favour. Firstly, there is a charge for transferring, then there is a currency conversion charge and, to top it off, you’ll receive a terrible exchange rate. The good news is TransferWise and TransferMate are changing the game.

Challenger banks are revolutionising how you do banking

At the moment, businesses in Ireland have three main options for banking - Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster bank. However, the emerging industry of fintech is bringing waves of change to how we do banking and with it come challenger banks entering the market.
Financial advice: enjoy serious tax savings by making pension contributions - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Enjoy serious tax savings by making pension contributions

Pensions are a bit of a holy grail when it comes to tax-efficient investments. Did you know that serious tax savings can be made for proprietary directors? What we’re about to share with you will be all the motivation you need to start making pension contributions as soon as possible.
Technology: Beyond and CBE team up to create a point of sale - beyond Accounting Dublin

Beyond and CBE team up to create a PixelPoint integration solution for Xero!

Good news for bookkeepers! Beyond has been busy working with the development team at CBE to come up with a integration solution for PixelPoint and Xero. Let us tell you a bit about how this project came about and how you can get access to this integration solution.
Financial advice: Brexit as an opportunity for Irish SMEs to get financial support

Brexit is an opportunity for Irish SMEs to get access to soft loans

Worried Brexit will damage your SME? The EU and the Irish government have released financial support in the form of loan schemes that you can apply for. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your position in the face of uncertain times and secure the finance you need to grow!

What is involved in outsourced accounting?

Most small to medium-sized companies will not have the budget to have their own internal accountancy function, especially if they are growth orientated. That's why it often makes financial sense to outsource accounting. But what is involved in outsourced accounting? How is it different to employing the services of a bookkeeper?
Financial advice: what does the P2P lending market look like in Ireland

What does the P2P lending market look like in Ireland?

Thinking about peer-to-peer lending in Ireland? Peer-to-peer lending, also known as crowdfunding, removes banks from the picture when you need to generate funds fast without any upfront costs! Let's see what Flender, Spark Crowdfunding, Grid Finance, Linked Finance and Property bridges are up to...
Business technology timesheets for more accurate invoicing - Beyond accounting - Dublin 1

Timesheets for more accurate invoicing

Do you use time management software to keep track of billable hours and project profitability? If you're pricing projects in an ad hoc fashion, with numbers roughly drawn from employees’ wages and an estimate of how long each project may take, you could be losing money.
Business advice automate expense claims with the Xero Expenses - Beyond accounting - Dublin

Automate expense claims with the Xero Expenses app

Looking to better track your business expenses? With the Xero Expenses app, submitting an expense claim is as simple as snapping a picture and Xero’s intelligent analytical capabilities allow you to dig deep into your expenses and analyse spending patterns!
Financial advice: Spark Crowdfunding offers a new way for SMEs to raise equity - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Spark Crowdfunding offers a new way for SMEs to raise equity

Up until recently, the ability for Irish SMEs to raise equity has been very limited. But Spark Crowdfunding is a new equity crowdfunding platform that is making exciting movements in this area. This will be of interest to anyone investigating the best way to raise money for their business.
Financial advice - Chaser - the credit control app that chases debtors for you - Beyond accounting dublin

Chaser – the credit control app that chases debtors for you

Does this turtle remind you of your debtors? The people at Chaser recognised this common problem and created an app to fix it! Chaser also boldly claim to save businesses 7.3 hours a week on credit control management and promise a boost of $22K for every $500K in turnover.
What's new in the Xero universe - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

What's new in the Xero universe?

The new year is looming ever nearer, which means we’ll soon be leaving 2018 behind! The last quarter of this year was not only a big deal for us (you’ll see why below), but a lot happened at Xero too. Unless you keep your finger on the Xero pulse, it’s easy to miss the fresh news and updates regularly rolled out.
Business advice: what you need to know about PAYE modernisation coming on 1st January 2019

What you need to know about PAYE modernisation coming on 1st January 2019

On the 1st January 2019, Revenue is blasting into the 21st century with PAYE modernisation. This is all a part of their big movement towards going digital, but what does this mean for company Directors, bookkeepers and employees?
business strategy how to prepare to sell your company - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

How to prepare to sell your company

Thinking about selling your company? Having a registered company with a couple of employees, a website, a handful of clients and intellectual property still doesn’t necessarily translate into real market value. That's why it is worthwhile to have a business strategy to get your company ready to go on the market.
Rory's Budget 2018 insights - Beyond Accounting - Chartered Accoutnant Dublin

Economy: Rory's Budget 2018 insights

The 2018 Budget feels very déjà vu in that it lacks any meaningful measures. There is nothing to get too enthusiastic about or too angry about and I guess that is the whole point. Personally, I would have preferred to see a more courageous budget with more leadership and vision.

How to conduct a company valuation

A company valuation is not just the first step in a retirement plan; it's also an attractive business strategy. So how do you calculate the value of your company when the time comes to it? Let’s take a closer look at company valuation…

Is financial trauma hurting your pension savings?

We all know someone who lost all of their pension savings during the crash because they were invested in shares and property. But beware of letting financial trauma from the recession hurt your current retirement plan. You can still make smart investments with the right financial advice!

Take back the reins with a Mid-Year Review

Did you do your mid-year review? No? At Beyond, we think it is worth your time because the mid-year review is your opportunity to be really proactive. It gives you the opportunity to make timely changes that will impact the current financial year.
4 powerful books to boost your business brain - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

4 powerful books to boost your business brain

Books allow you to step into the minds of successful CEOs, billionaires, founders and entrepreneurs for a few hours and, by just being in their presence in this way, their expertise can rub off on you with powerful results. Discover these 4 business books straight off the Beyond bookshelf.
Association of Chartered Accountants tips for exam success! - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Association of Chartered Accountants: tips for exam success!

Every trainee accountant has their own techniques for tackling exams. We thought we'd ask for a few insights from our own Ellen Dudley; she knows how to keep a cool head under pressure and recently came 4th in Ireland for her CAP 1 ACA chartered accountancy exams!

Keeping key performance indicators simple

What metrics really matter? Which ones make and break the success of your company? By identifying your key performance indicators, you can begin to make informed adjustments to your processes and become more closely aligned to your overall business strategy, reducing the bottom line and increasing profit.

Outsourcing gives you room to grow

Are you currently positioning your company for a period of major growth? Perhaps your goal is to grow from €1 million annual turnover to €5 million? Outsourcing some of your core functions could be the catalyst that gets you there!

What amount of liquid funds should I hold in my company?

Can your business cope with fluctuations in payments and expenses? If you need to micromanage your financial transactions week in, week out then it's time to evaluate how healthy your business truly is. When you're growing your business, it’s vital to have a healthy cash flow.

AutoEntry puts an end to manual data entry!

Data entry. The bane of everyone’s working lives. If only there were a magic wand that could take the pain of manual data entry away so that we could all focus on the tasks that add real business value… Autoentry is a data entry automation tool that integrates with various accounting packages, including Xero.
how much should my company accountant cost - Beyond - Dublin

How much should my company accountant cost?

Are you paying too much for your accountant? We have managed to calculate an applicable benchmark for the financial cost of the accountancy function that you can use for your own company, whatever type of business is it.
Growing your business sell online with Shopify and Xero - beyond accounting - dublin

Sell online with Shopify and Xero

Is the fear of the unknown stopping you from taking the leap and selling online? Shopify has become the dominant e-commerce platform, and it has the added benefit of a smart integration with Xero that will make managing your online sales a breeze.
What are professional services according to the Irish Revenue - Beyond - Dublin

What does Revenue consider 'professional services'?

Many people assume professional services only refers to the legal and financial types of services. But, according to Revenue, they can include a variety of other services such as marketing, management consulting, computer programming...
Disposing of your business assets with CGT Retirement Relief- beyond - dublin

CGT Retirement Relief: disposing of your business assets

When should you be planning for your retirement? If you’re asking the question then now is the right time, because the earlier you begin considering your options for retirement, the more options you ultimately have.
business-advice-companies-with-rhythm-are-a-cut-above Beyond Dublin

Companies with rhythm are a cut above

Meetings are the environment in which values align, goals are established, motivation is provided, challenges are dealt with and people work together. But only if they are run well! Here's everything you need to know about running an effective meeting.
Growing your business is an accelerator your next step Beyond Dublin

Is an accelerator the next step?

Accelerator programmes are geared towards startups that are ready for growth. As well as office space, mentoring and networking, accelerators usually provide seed capital in exchange for equity and may provide access to R&D facilities, training, and interns.

Sharpen the saw

‘‘Sharpen the saw’’ means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have - you. It is a habit and principle to live your life on. A journey of ongoing, never-ending and continuous self-improvement. What has this got to do with business? Everything.
Habit 6 Synergy Beyond Dublin


I am sure you have heard the phrase “two heads are better than one” before. Habit 6, synergise, is very much based on this principle. To synergise is to not just work collaboratively, but to embrace open-mindedness, genuine team spirit and a collective energy to create new solutions to old and existing problems.
Business advice the tax benefits of running a limited company

The tax benefits of running a limited company

There are many benefits to operating as a limited company and if you're looking to grow, the additional administration and compliance associated with running a company will usually be outweighed by the gains to be had in switching from sole trader status.
Seek first to understand, then to be understood - Beyond Dublin

Seek first to understand, then to be understood

Many people suffer from the same bad communication habits which can be detrimental to business relationships. Simply listening can make a world of difference.
Raising capital for your startup with EIIS - Beyond Dublin

Rraising capital for your startup with EIIS

Need funding for your startup? The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) is an alternative way to raise capital for your small business.
Financial advice: Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneur Relief - beyond accounting dublin

Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneur Relief

Has the time come for you to dispose of a business asset? Whether you want to sell a sole trader business or dispose of company shares, there is tax relief available for you. Entrepreneur Relief offers a reduced rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT).
Xero designed to integrate with your business systems beyond accounting dublin

Xero: designed to integrate with your business systems

With so many SaaS, PaaS and desktop software services available, businesses can sometimes find it hard to achieve truly streamlined processes and systems. Thankfully, Xero is designed specifically for easy integration!
business strategy think win win in business beyond accounting dublin

Think win-win in business

Thinking win-win is predicated on the ability to embrace and encourage human interaction and collaboration. It's about cooperating more than competing.
Ireland - grow in an enterprise friendly location - Beyond Dublin

Ireland - grow in an enterprise-friendly location

Ireland is a highly favourable environment to conduct business in, and a magnet for enterprises from all around the globe. But what circumstances are necessary to benefit from our tax incentives?
Business strategy putting first things first - beyond accounting - dublin

Putting first things first

There is no question that in business and in our personal lives, time is one of our most precious commodities. How we manage time in our business is an essential skill and one that deserves attention.
The true cost of third level education and how to save for it - Beyond, Dublin

The true cost of third level education and how to save for it

For someone saving for their children’s third level education, this will more often than not consist of a long-term investment. Easy access saving bonds are better suited to investments stretching over a minimum of 5 years...
Form 11 – a wise time to make that pension contribution Beyond

Form 11 - a wise time to make that pension contribution

Pensions funds are something we advise to all business owners, no matter the current value of their business. Let the tax savings you could make this November stand to you in your mature years with a timely pension contribution.
When the quick fix pension doesn’t go as planned Beyond Dublin

When the quick fix pension doesn’t go as planned

Pension funds are one of those things forever being put on the long finger, and none are guiltier of this than business owners. This is understandable, considering that you have the option of selling your business in your later years. But what if your business doesn't sell for the price you hoped?
Life assurance different types of cover explained - beyond accounting - dublin

Different types of life assurance cover explained

Many different types of people at different stages in their lives consider life assurance. Maybe you will pick a plan that covers your whole life, or perhaps you feel too young and sprightly for that and would prefer a shorter term plan in the meantime...
Business strategy: begin with the end in mind - beyond accounting - dublin

Begin with the end in mind

Given the fast-paced, ever-changing world we live in, a strategic and operational plan is a good way to set solid foundations for business growth. Here are some tips for bringing your vision for your business to life...
Financial advice P2P lending and other alternatives to bank loans - beyond accounting - dublin

P2P lending and other alternatives to bank loans

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has been growing in popularity around the world and is now really taking off in Ireland. This practice of matching individual or businesses to lenders via online platforms started a little over a decade ago and is an attractive alternative to traditional lending...
Business strategy 5 ways you can be more proactive in business - beyond accounting - dublin

5 ways you can be more proactive in business

In a world where disruption, change, innovation and technological advancements happen at lightening speed, it's sometimes calming to stop and revisit some of the age-old success principles that are seemingly timeless...
Business strategy going beyond customer service - beyond accounting - dublin

Going beyond customer service

Beyond Accounting actually started life as Finegan Accountants. I founded the company a few years ago under my own name, but when we decided to expand the business, it quickly became apparent that a rebrand would put us on the best footing for future success…
Business advice how to write a great business plan - beyond accounting - dublin

How to write a great business plan

Starting or growing a business? Companies that commit their business plans to paper achieve better results than those that don’t. Here are the seven key elements we include when writing a business plan...
Business advice effective credit control in business - beyond accounting - dublin

Effective credit control in business

Commonly, when a business gives credit, they allow 30 days for payment. This means your client has 30 days from the time you issue your invoice to pay you. Some bigger clients might require a longer period, and 60 days isn’t unheard of...
FREE business health check in January - beyond accounting - dublin

FREE business health check in January!

Making sure that you stay on top of your accounts is crucial for the survival of your business. We understand that it can sometimes seem overwhelming, and we're here to help!..
Xero some handy keyboard shortcuts for Xero - beyond accounting - dublin

Some handy keyboard shortcuts for Xero

If you complete a field and it’s one of multiple items checked, moving away from that field will populate the other rows selected with the same information. Use these navigation tips and shortcut keys to make cash coding even faster...
Xero The benefits of Xero accounting software - beyond accounting - dublin

The benefits of Xero accounting software

We asked our founding partner, Rory Finegan, why he recommends Xero accounting software. In this short video, Rory outlines the three key benefits of Xero for SME accounting.
Business advice leasing and invoice financing in Ireland beyond accounting - dublin

Leasing and invoice financing in Ireland

Cash flow management is one of the biggest challenges for any SME. Business is strong, but you are waiting on payment from your customers. Or you need some equipment that will improve business, and ultimately your cash flow, but you just don’t have that cash right now to invest...
Xero how to convert to Xero accounting software

How to convert to Xero accounting software

When converting to Xero, the process itself doesn’t take very long at all. Most users can be converted over to Xero in just a day. And though you may think that it has to be done at the start of the financial year, this is actually not the case...
Beyond Accounting Dublin Sage versus Xero expert

Accounting solutions for small business - Sage vs Xero

There’s a lot happening in the accounting software space for SMEs and the two leading competitors, Sage and Xero, are battling it out for market share...
Business strategy how to succeed with your new business - beyond accounting - dublin

How to succeed with your new business

We asked our founding partner, Rory Finegan, for his three key tips for young businesses. In this short video, Rory outlines what businesses can do to increase their chances of success.
Business advice modern accounting - staying relevant - beyond accounting - dublin

Modern accounting - staying relevant!

Accounting has changed and accountancy firms will have to change too if they’re to stay relevant. Businesses want an accountant who understands what they do, the industry they’re in and the challenges they face.
Business advice when to incorporate your business - beyond accounting - dublin

When to incorporate your business

A lot of people start off in business as a sole trader and that’s something of a common practice. It’s relatively easy to set up as a sole trader due to there being few regulations, little cost and I recommend it as a structure in starting your business.
Xero bank feeds in Ireland BOI, AIB, Ulster - beyond accounting - dublin

Xero bank feeds in Ireland (BOI, AIB, Ulster)

What are the options when it comes to linking your Irish business bank account and Xero to ensure seamless and easy way to keep your accounts up to date? Here's what's on offer from BOI, AIB and Ulster Bank.
Better forecasting and insights with Spotlight - beyond accounting - dublin

Better forecasting and insights with Spotlight!

Spotlight is a great piece of software for handling management reporting, board reports and cash flow forecasting. Forget spreadsheets, Spotlight is the way forward!