Financial Coaching For Business Leaders

Upskill in essential areas of financial business management

Business owners driving growth in their business need to have an excellent understanding of their company’s financial health. Upskilling in this area allows for informed decision-making and better business outcomes. This is why some of our clients opt for regular coaching with an experienced Chartered Accountant.

Manage better

Work smarter

Achieve goals

Increase profits

Experienced financial coach

We’ve supported hundreds of Irish businesses through high-growth phases. Coaching is a great way to get regular input from someone experienced in growing a business. Coaching sessions will support you in your leadership role and help you turn insights into action. Ideal for technology-enabled companies, coaching will position you to implement smart strategies, processes, and systems in all areas of your business and manage subsequent growth.

Some of our clients

“I will challenge your assumptions, help you develop both long-term and short-term strategies, and empower you to take bold, innovative decisions in your role as company leader.”

Rory FineganFounder & CEO
Beyond Chartered Accountant Dublin Ireland Financial Coaching Coach
Rory Finegan Coach Trainer Mentor Business Growth Leadership Dublin Ireland

For Non-Financial Owners & Managers

We’ve supported hundreds of Irish businesses through high-growth phases. Learn trusted techniques, skills, tools, and behaviours to help you achieve your business goals. Our service is tailored to your specific personal and business needs, allowing you to upskill at a rhythm that suits you.

Take a more proactive approach to your financial management with financial mentoring and coaching.


  • Tailored to your specific personal and business needs
  • Upskill at a rhythm that suits you
  • Learn techniques, skills, tools, and behaviours
  • Plan, execute, and measure projects and strategies
  • Develop your leadership style and become more successful

Business Skills

  • Business planning
  • Optimising systems and software
  • Streamlining internal processes
  • Setting KPIs and data visualisation
  • Rapid Improvement Projects (RIPs)
  • Planning for exit

Financial Skills

  • Developing a financial strategy
  • Accounting best practice and proactive financial management
  • Profit & Loss, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Budgeting and projections
  • Working on profitability and making efficiencies

We can help you with: Proactive financial oversight | Cash flow optimisation | Better profitability | Rapid Improvement Projects

Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping