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Our approach

Our friendly, highly experienced team will deliver a tailored service based on your individual requirements. We’re honest and transparent, and will ensure you are always receiving the best value from your arrangements. Having gained an in-depth understanding of your business and its needs, we will recommend the appropriate products and strategies to help you secure your company’s future.

Confidential, impartial advice

Because we do not sell products ourselves, you can trust us to offer completely unbiased advice. As an impartial adviser, we are not privy to the sensitive information you give providers, such as medical histories. Our service is based on trust, and confidentiality is our watchword.


We help you design a tailored pension plan for your business – matching the pension structure that best suits your circumstances, choosing appropriate assets in which to invest, and revisiting these decisions over time as your needs change. Whether you are new to pensions or already have a deep knowledge of the pension and investment markets, we believe that our clients need to understand what they are investing in. We can also provide one-to-one meetings or group presentations to your staff to explain their pension arrangements.


In preparing for the unexpected, we will carry out a financial review and look at any existing arrangements you have in place. If we feel you need additional protection (e.g. term life assurance, whole of life cover, mortgage or income protection, illness cover, etc.), we will research the best options and then make an impartial recommendation. We always provide a statement of feasibility and will broker the best deal for you.


Our financial advisers will help you formulate an investment plan, choose investments and strategies that are appropriate to your personal financial situation and keep your financial goals on track by monitoring the performance of your investments. We believe a financial adviser should be someone you can turn to when market trends change, someone you can consult when you need expert and objective advice. As impartial advisers, we offer access to a broad range of funds, with varying levels of risk and return.

“What is important to me is that they have my best interests at heart – they are in an industry where a lot of brokers are pushing products that are not in the interests of the client.”

“I have dealt with a lot of pensions people and Marie gets 9/10 – honest, she has integrity and is always looking after my interests and not the sale.”

“They did one-to-ones and the feedback from staff was very positive. They explained everything in simple language – there was every class of employee and they tailored the meetings to this.”

“Every six months they update our staff – they are perfect, very quick and there are no mistakes made.”

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