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Cost Of Outsourced Accounting Packages & Services

How much does an accountant cost?

We believe in fair and transparent fees, which is why we offer fixed-price monthly packages to our clients. We can only establish how much your package should be once we know more about your business, so we will need to talk to you before putting together a proposal. Factors such as turnover and the number of transactions will determine how much input is required from the Beyond team. Additional requirements such as software subscriptions, training, CFO services or bookkeeping will also need to be considered. You can see starting fees in the pricing table below.

We believe in great customer service and building lasting, productive relationships with our clients. Keep scrolling to learn more about our approach.

Cash Flow

We work on five key financial priorities for your business: profit, growth, cash flow, time, and exit.

Working with the resources you already have, we’ll put together a package that will help you get where you need to be.

The goal is an accounting function that is fast, reliable, and compliant. Above all, it will be accountable and transparent.

We can cover both internal and external accounting needs, as well as elements such as your software stack and training.

We typically deliver a high-expertise, results-oriented service for less than the cost of one mid-level employee.

Our proactive approach is based on four cycles

We believe the secret to growth is having timely information that allows you to address challenges and spot opportunities. We achieve this with our structured approach to the different cycles involved.

The Weekly Cycle


Depending on the company size, this may be from 1 hour to 2 days per week. A bookkeeper might be employed by you or by us (working off-site).

Your bookkeeper will usually report directly to us, using a weekly checklist that will be reviewed by the accountant. Typically, they handle reconciling bank transactions, sending invoices, credit control, posting bills, supplier reconciliation, payroll, VAT returns, expense claims, and answering emails.

The Monthly Cycle

Management Accounting

The Management Accountant provides guidance and review. They will oversee the bookkeeping and management accounts, review Profit & Loss accounts, track areas such as budgets and departmental performance, as well as respond to financial queries.

In addition, the Management Accountant has to respond to the quarterly cycle strategy with day-to-day tactics and tasks that will drive financial management forward.

The Quarterly Cycle

Financial Strategy

For companies looking to grow, the strategic thinking provided by a CFO is crucial. This experienced accountant meets regularly with the management team – although meetings could be monthly, we tend to deliver these on a quarterly basis.

The CFO will focus on results and look to the future, setting up projects for the next quarter that will influence the company in a positive way. These might take the form of Rapid Improvement Projects centred around a particular priority that will be closed off in 90 days, where action points are handled either by the client or by us.

The yearly cycle

Accounting Compliance

Annual compliance involves producing a set of accounts, tax return, and annual VAT Return of Trading Details (RTD). For a microbusiness, this will be all that is required on the accounting side of things. But for a company looking to scale, or already turning over more than a million euros, this is too reactive an approach.

In order to continue growing, higher revenue companies will need to structure their accounting according to the four cycles and pull together the resources of each. This will ensure finances are always up to date, insights are in real-time, and decisions are fact-based and forward-thinking.

Essentials Package




Suitable for companies looking to have their regulatory compliance needs handled.

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Expansion Package




For scaling companies needing additional support to deal with the development challenges that growth requires.

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Escalation Package




For ambitious companies looking for a financial partner to help them deliver real results.

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Pricing For Standalone Services

Other accounting services

Set of company accounts
from €800
Annual Return for CRO (Form B1)
Preparation and submission of an income tax return (Form F11)
€257.5 - €515
One-off consultation
Payroll – up to 10 payslips and filing obligations
Additional payslips (over the 10 included in the package above)
3-year finance plan and projections (over 2-3 meetings)
Additional accounting services
Bookkeeping (mainly off-site)

See more information about our accounting services ► Accounting compliance

Audit services

Auditing (authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants)
from €1,500

See more information about our auditing services ► Financial statements audits

Xero services

Implementation and configuration of Xero
Xero training (individual/groups, on-site/remote)
from €120/hour
Xero subscription
from €40/month
Xero add-on subscriptions
available for certain add-ons only

See more information about our Xero services ► Xero implementation

Company admin services

Company formation (including CRO fees)
Registered office service (including mail scanning)

Outsourced Accounting & Bookkeeping