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    Grow your business with full oversight from an experienced accounting team. The benefit of an accounts department at a fraction of the cost!

Our approach

There’s a stage in a company’s lifecycle when they need the skills and knowledge of a qualified accountant but aren’t yet big enough to employ one. Achieving growth without expert financial insights is difficult, and one of the key reasons SMEs fail to scale.

A multiskilled team

A business with a turnover between €1 and €5 million needs input from a bookkeeper, an accountant and an experienced CFO, but none of those requirements are full-time. Generally, a business will have the budget for one person dedicated to accounting, however relying on one employee for all of these things is risky, as they will often lack the experience and seniority to implement the right systems, supervise their own work and deliver operational and strategic advice to the business. By working with us, your business will have the comprehensive and integrated outsourced accounting service it needs to grow.

Peace of mind

Our outsourced accounting service takes care of everything: bookkeeping, payroll, management accounts, accounts payable, secretarial compliance, tax advice, credit control, business intelligence, and exit planning. You’ll have regular input from a highly experienced CFO who will check on the business every month and be on hand to answer your questions and help you achieve your business objectives. You’ll have your own dedicated accounting team without any of the stress of hiring, managing or overseeing employees.

The key to growth

Don’t let financial issues go overlooked or potential opportunities go unidentified. We believe the quickest way to succeed is by having your accounting as an integral part of your business. Our route to success is based on five essential business priorities: Profit, Growth, Cashflow, Time and finally Exit. Outsourcing your company’s full finance function will enable you to achieve these priorities at a fraction of the cost of employing just one person.

Real business insights

Accounting is about much more than compliance. Our outsourced accounting service is not a box-ticking exercise; we understand the challenges faced by growing businesses and we put our expert knowledge to work finding the solutions you need and supporting your management team. With hundreds of clients, the Beyond team has wide experience in different sectors and industries and can put these insights to work for your business too.

Internal and external accounting

Our outsourced accounting service that takes care of both your internal and external accounting needs, covering functions such as Financial Controller, Financial Director, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Payroll, as well as the external accountant. This type of service costs significantly less than having an in-house finance team and can deliver much more in terms of expertise, experience, and results.

“The CFO service has been a huge asset to bigO. We get all the benefits of financial management, planning and great advice, without having a dedicated CFO on the payroll. Our needs expand and contract from month to month and Beyond flow effortlessly with us. We don’t worry about anything, and the monthly meetings keep us on track in all our financial planning and help us grow sustainably. We went from having a dedicated CFO to the Beyond service and we have never looked back. We are working ON the business with Beyond and not just IN the business.”

Vanessa Lawrenson bigO

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