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Some Handy Keyboard Shortcuts For Xero

Xero has published a very handy PDF guide to the shortcuts used in Xero for cash coding, search and dates. You can download Xero’s PDF here, or simply add this post to your favourites so that you can refer back to it when you need.

Shortcuts in Xero search

/ Open search I All invoices
P Purchase orders B All bills
D Dashboard A All bank accounts
C All contacts Q All quotes

Shortcuts in cash coding

If you complete a field and it’s one of multiple items checked, moving away from that field will populate the other rows selected with the same information. Use these navigation tips and shortcut keys to make cash coding even faster: General cursor navigation using the keyboard or mouse

Enter Moves down one row
Shift + Enter Moves up one cell
Tab Moves forward to the next cell
Shift + Tab Moves back to the previous cell
Click + drag bottom of grid with mouse (for non-IE users) Increases the number of rows displayed in cash coding grid

Quick actions using the keyboard (from all editable fields except Description)

+ Copies account, tax rate and tracking from the row above into the current row
/ Opens a quick Spend or Receive Money window so you can split a transaction over multiple lines.
Shift + Down Arrow Checks the box for the current row and moves down one row
Alt + Down Arrow   Changes a payee name that is all capitals to title case. For example, JOHN DOE changes to John Doe.

Today’s date and future date entry shortcuts

Tab t Today’s date
tom Tomorrow’s date
next [day] Day in the next week
next w Next week (7 days from today)
next m Next month (today’s date, next month)
next y Next year (today’s date, next year)
next [month] Any month after today’s date (today’s date, for that month)
[number] Date in current month
[number]/[month] Date in a month
[month]/[year] First day of any month
[month]-[year] in any year
[number] A date next month
+[number] Days after today’s date/
+[number]d Days after the invoice or bill date
+[number]w Weeks after today’s date/ Weeks after the invoice or bill date
+[number]m Months after today’s date/ Months after the invoice or bill date
+[number]y Years after today’s date/ Years after the invoice or bill date

Past date entry shortcuts

yes Yesterday’s date
last w Last week (7 days ago)
last m Last month (same date, previous month)
last y Last year (same date, last year)
past y  
last [day] Day in the last or past week
past [day]  
last [month] Day in the last or past month
past [month]  
[number] Date in current month
[number]/[month] Date in a month
[month]/[year] First day of any month in any year
-[number] Days before today’s date
-[number]w Weeks before today’s date
-[number]m Months before today’s date
-[number]y Years before today’s date
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