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Part 1: 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business

Why did you decide to become a business owner? Last month, we attended a talk for people in the creative industry and this question was in the air. It wasn’t a revelation to hear that creative people set up businesses so they can be creative, but what was interesting was how this often doesn’t translate […]

Exciting developments from SaaS companies at SaaStock 2019

SaaS is only growing. This year, a huge number of SaaS model companies have gone through an IPO, and another great year for SaaS means another exciting SaaStock! If you haven’t heard of SaaStock already, it’s an annual event that brings SaaS companies together to discuss the big challenges and trends of the year past […]

Economy: Rory’s Budget 2020 insights

The 2020 Budget for Ireland has been released. In this blog, Beyond founder, Rory Finegan, is taking a look at how this year’s budget could affect Irish business owners. Expect taxes, climate change, Brexit and business to be on the agenda.

6 things that tech companies love about using Xero

Whether you work with SaaS, IT systems, or developing software, you’re going to love Xero accounting software! Xero has been a technology-first accounting solution since day one and prides itself on delivering a modern accounting experience.