Part 2 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business - beyond accounting - dublin

Part 2: 12 Hacks To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Business

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get back that first love…
Part 1: 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Part 1: 12 Hacks To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Business

Why did you decide to become a business owner? Last month, we…
Ditch legacy POS and enjoy easy Xero integration with Lightspeed - Beyond Account - Dublin

Ditch Legacy POS And Enjoy Easy Xero Integration With Lightspeed

In the hospitality sector, isolated point of sale systems are a source of endless manual labour for the bookkeeper. Wouldn't it be so much easier if your point of sale systems talked directly to your accounting software? By integrating Xero accounting software with Lightspeed, that's exactly what you get.

Challenger Banks Are Revolutionising How You Do Banking

At the moment, businesses in Ireland have three main options for banking - Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster bank. However, the emerging industry of fintech is bringing waves of change to how we do banking and with it come challenger banks entering the market.
Business technology timesheets for more accurate invoicing - Beyond accounting - Dublin 1

Timesheets For More Accurate Invoicing

Do you use time management software to keep track of billable hours and project profitability? If you're pricing projects in an ad hoc fashion, with numbers roughly drawn from employees’ wages and an estimate of how long each project may take, you could be losing money.
Business advice automate expense claims with the Xero Expenses - Beyond accounting - Dublin

Automate Expense Claims With The Xero Expenses App

Looking to better track your business expenses? With the Xero Expenses app, submitting an expense claim is as simple as snapping a picture and Xero’s intelligent analytical capabilities allow you to dig deep into your expenses and analyse spending patterns!
Financial advice - Chaser - the credit control app that chases debtors for you - Beyond accounting dublin

Chaser – The Credit Control App That Chases Debtors For You

Does this turtle remind you of your debtors? The people at Chaser recognised this common problem and created an app to fix it! Chaser also boldly claim to save businesses 7.3 hours a week on credit control management and promise a boost of $22K for every $500K in turnover.

Take Back The Reins With A Mid-Year Review

Did you do your mid-year review? No? At Beyond, we think it is worth your time because the mid-year review is your opportunity to be really proactive. It gives you the opportunity to make timely changes that will impact the current financial year.

Keeping Key Performance Indicators Simple

What metrics really matter? Which ones make and break the success of your company? By identifying your key performance indicators, you can begin to make informed adjustments to your processes and become more closely aligned to your overall business strategy, reducing the bottom line and increasing profit.

AutoEntry Puts An End To Manual Data Entry!

Data entry. The bane of everyone’s working lives. If only there were a magic wand that could take the pain of manual data entry away so that we could all focus on the tasks that add real business value… AutoEntry is a data entry automation tool that integrates with various accounting packages, including Xero.