Claiming Research And Development Tax Credits In Ireland

If your business invests in innovation, the costs of research…

Get Out Of Tax Debt With A Revenue Phased Payment Arrangement

If you’re struggling to pay your business taxes, Revenue’s Phased Payment Arrangement, or PPA, is a great way to clear your debt. As the name would suggest, a PPA allows you to settle your debt over an extended period, making it more manageable.

Selling Your Company? Avoid The “Ouch!” Of CGT With A Holding Company

Did you know that Ireland has a very generous holding company tax relief? For the growing SME, it is worth knowing the rules about holding companies in Ireland because smart business people in the know are using them to be more tax-efficient and to give themselves better options.

Ready For Your Next Adventure? Serial Entrepreneurs Get Great Tax Benefits

If you’re planning on selling your business so you can invest in your next venture, but you haven’t looked into availing of Entrepreneur Relief, then you’re missing a trick! Entrepreneur Relief is a fantastic tax benefit that helps business owners in Ireland to build wealth in a tax-efficient way.

Enjoy Serious Tax Savings By Making Pension Contributions

Pensions are a bit of a holy grail when it comes to tax-efficient investments. Did you know that serious tax savings can be made for proprietary directors? What we’re about to share with you will be all the motivation you need to start making pension contributions as soon as possible.

What You Need To Know About PAYE Modernisation Coming On 1st January 2019

On the 1st January 2019, Revenue is blasting into the 21st century with PAYE modernisation. This is all a part of their big movement towards going digital, but what does this mean for company Directors, bookkeepers and employees?

How To Conduct A Company Valuation

A company valuation is not just the first step in a retirement plan; it's also an attractive business strategy. So how do you calculate the value of your company when the time comes to it? Let’s take a closer look at company valuation…

What Does Revenue Consider ‘Professional Services’?

Many people assume professional services only refers to the legal and financial types of services. But, according to Revenue, they can include a variety of other services such as marketing, management consulting, computer programming...

CGT Retirement Relief: Disposing Of Your Business Assets

When should you be planning for your retirement? If you’re asking the question then now is the right time, because the earlier you begin considering your options for retirement, the more options you ultimately have.

The Tax Benefits Of Running A Limited Company

There are many benefits to operating as a limited company and if you're looking to grow, the additional administration and compliance associated with running a company will usually be outweighed by the gains to be had in switching from sole trader status.