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Enjoy serious tax savings by making pension contributions

Pensions are a bit of a holy grail when it comes to tax-efficient investments. Did you know that serious tax savings can be made for proprietary directors? What we’re about to share with you will be all the motivation you need to start making pension contributions as soon as possible.

Is financial trauma hurting your pension savings?

We all know someone who lost all of their pension savings during the crash because they were invested in shares and property. But beware of letting financial trauma from the recession hurt your current retirement plan. You can still make smart investments with the right financial advice!
Disposing of your business assets with CGT Retirement Relief- beyond - dublin

CGT Retirement Relief: disposing of your business assets

When should you be planning for your retirement? If you’re asking the question then now is the right time, because the earlier you begin considering your options for retirement, the more options you ultimately have.
Financial advice: Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneur Relief - beyond accounting dublin

Capital Gains Tax Entrepreneur Relief

Has the time come for you to dispose of a business asset? Whether you want to sell a sole trader business or dispose of company shares, there is tax relief available for you. Entrepreneur Relief offers a reduced rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT).
Form 11 – a wise time to make that pension contribution Beyond

Form 11 - a wise time to make that pension contribution

Pensions funds are something we advise to all business owners, no matter the current value of their business. Let the tax savings you could make in November stand to you in your mature years with a timely pension contribution.
When the quick fix pension doesn’t go as planned Beyond Dublin

When the quick fix pension doesn’t go as planned

Pension funds are one of those things forever being put on the long finger, and none are guiltier of this than business owners. This is understandable, considering that you have the option of selling your business in your later years. But what if your business doesn't sell for the price you hoped?
Life assurance different types of cover explained - beyond accounting - dublin

Different types of life assurance cover explained

Many different types of people at different stages in their lives consider life assurance. Maybe you will pick a plan that covers your whole life, or perhaps you feel too young and sprightly for that and would prefer a shorter term plan in the meantime...