Funding Supports Available From Enterprise Ireland

As the national agency for economic development, Enterprise Ireland…

Brexit Is An Opportunity For Irish SMEs To Get Access To Soft Loans

Worried Brexit will damage your SME? The EU and the Irish government have released financial support in the form of loan schemes that you can apply for. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your position in the face of uncertain times and secure the finance you need to grow!

What Does The P2P Lending Market Look Like In Ireland?

Thinking about peer-to-peer lending in Ireland? Peer-to-peer lending, also known as crowdfunding, removes banks from the picture when you need to generate funds fast without any upfront costs! Let's see what Flender, Spark Crowdfunding, Grid Finance, Linked Finance and Property bridges are up to...

Spark Crowdfunding Offers A New Way For SMEs To Raise Equity

Up until recently, the ability for Irish SMEs to raise equity has been very limited. But Spark Crowdfunding is a new equity crowdfunding platform that is making exciting movements in this area. This will be of interest to anyone investigating the best way to raise money for their business.

Is An Accelerator The Next Step For Your Business?

Accelerator programmes are geared towards startups that are ready for growth. As well as office space, mentoring and networking, accelerators usually provide seed capital in exchange for equity and may provide access to R&D facilities, training, and interns.

Raising Capital For Your Startup With EIIS

Need funding for your startup? The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) is an alternative way to raise capital for your small business.

P2P Lending And Other Alternatives To Bank Loans

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has been growing in popularity around the world and is now really taking off in Ireland. This practice of matching individual or businesses to lenders via online platforms started a little over a decade ago and is an attractive alternative to traditional lending...