How to set your rates or pricing in a service business - Beyond Accounting Dublin

How To Set Your Rates Or Pricing In A Service Business

Setting pricing and rates for a service business can be tricky.…
What you need to know about business process as a service - Beyond Accounting

What You Need To Know About Business Process As A Service (BPaaS)

There are lots of different ‘as a service’ solutions in the…
Part 2 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business - beyond accounting - dublin

Part 2: 12 Hacks To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Business

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get back that first love…
Part 1: 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Part 1: 12 Hacks To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Business

Why did you decide to become a business owner? Last month, we…
Business technology: Are you still getting stung by bad currency exchange rates and fees?

Are You Still Getting Stung By Bad Currency Exchange Rates And Fees?

The Irish banking system makes currency transfers work in their favour. Firstly, there is a charge for transferring, then there is a currency conversion charge and, to top it off, you’ll receive a terrible exchange rate. The good news is TransferWise and TransferMate are changing the game.
Technology: Beyond and CBE team up to create a point of sale - beyond Accounting Dublin

Beyond And CBE Team Up To Create A PixelPoint Integration Solution For Xero!

Good news for bookkeepers! Beyond has been busy working with the development team at CBE to come up with a integration solution for PixelPoint and Xero. Let us tell you a bit about how this project came about and how you can get access to this integration solution.
how much should my company accountant cost - Beyond - Dublin

How Much Should My Company Accountant Cost?

Are you paying too much for your accountant? We have managed to calculate an applicable benchmark for the financial cost of the accountancy function that you can use for your own company, whatever type of business is it.
FREE business health check in January - beyond accounting - dublin

FREE Business Health Check In January!

Making sure that you stay on top of your accounts is crucial for the survival of your business. We understand that it can sometimes seem overwhelming, and we're here to help!..
Business advice leasing and invoice financing in Ireland beyond accounting - dublin

Leasing And Invoice Financing In Ireland

Cash flow management is one of the biggest challenges for any SME. Business is strong, but you are waiting on payment from your customers. Or you need some equipment that will improve business, and ultimately your cash flow, but you just don’t have that cash right now to invest...
Business advice when to incorporate your business - beyond accounting - dublin

When To Incorporate Your Business

A lot of people start off in business as a sole trader and that’s something of a common practice. It’s relatively easy to set up as a sole trader due to there being few regulations, little cost and I recommend it as a structure in starting your business.