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Economy: Rory’s Budget 2020 insights

The 2020 Budget for Ireland has been released. In this blog, Beyond founder, Rory Finegan, is taking a look at how this year's budget could affect Irish business owners. Expect taxes, climate change, Brexit and business to be on the agenda.
Rory's Budget 2018 insights - Beyond Accounting - Chartered Accoutnant Dublin

Economy: Rory's Budget 2018 insights

The 2018 Budget feels very déjà vu in that it lacks any meaningful measures. There is nothing to get too enthusiastic about or too angry about and I guess that is the whole point. Personally, I would have preferred to see a more courageous budget with more leadership and vision.

Is financial trauma hurting your pension savings?

We all know someone who lost all of their pension savings during the crash because they were invested in shares and property. But beware of letting financial trauma from the recession hurt your current retirement plan. You can still make smart investments with the right financial advice!
Ireland - grow in an enterprise friendly location - Beyond Dublin

Ireland - grow in an enterprise-friendly location

Ireland is a highly favourable environment to conduct business in, and a magnet for enterprises from all around the globe. But what circumstances are necessary to benefit from our tax incentives?
The true cost of third level education and how to save for it - Beyond, Dublin

The true cost of third level education and how to save for it

For someone saving for their children’s third level education, this will more often than not consist of a long-term investment. Easy access saving bonds are better suited to investments stretching over a minimum of 5 years...