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    A team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping their clients to grow their businesses

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The best choice for business

Beyond was founded on the belief that business should be aided by technology, not hindered by it. Our use of smart solutions that allow real-time access to insights help to drive business growth, improve efficiency and reduce costs – whether that’s in the area of accounting, business development, investments or elsewhere.

An award-winning practice, Beyond brings a wealth of expertise to clients in a wide range of sectors. We pride ourselves on our leading consulting talent and best practice excellence. We are on hand to advise on all aspects of your finances, as well as to recommend systems and processes to support your business.

Rory Finegan CEO - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Rory Finegan FCA

Founder and CEO

Rory’s journey started over 20 years ago, working as a Chartered Accountant at KPMG. After four years helping clients in the media, banking, retail, manufacturing, and services, Rory took on a variety of leading roles in Irish and UK companies before founding his own accountancy practice in 2012. Rory’s real-world managerial expertise, and his experience working for one of the Big Four, means that he is ideally placed to understand the needs of his clients. Whatever business you’re in, Rory speaks your language!

The team

Jackie Murphy accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Jackie Murphy – accounting

Dean Ryan accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Dean Ryan – accounting

Lynn Drummond accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Lynn Drummond – accounting

Ellen Dudley accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Ellen Dudley – accounting

Lee Flood accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Lee Flood – accounting

Grace Arrigan accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Grace Arrigan – accounting

Robbie Erb accountant - beyond Accounting Dublin

Robbie Erb – accounting

Lauren Eiffe accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Lauren Eiffe – accounting

Killian O'Flynn accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Killian O’Flynn – accounting

Daniel Fleming accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Daniel Fleming – accounting

Katie Anglim accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Katie Anglim – accounting

Brendan O'Brien accountant - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Brendan O’Brien – accounting

Maeve Stuart bookkeeper Beyond Accounting Dublin

Maeve Stuart – bookkeeping

Alan Ivory bookkeeper at Beyond Accounting Dublin

Alan Ivory – bookkeeping

Cathy O'Leary bookkeeper - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Cathy O’Leary – bookkeeping

Catherine McSherry bookkeeper - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Catherine McSherry – bookkeeping

Deirdre Ecock bookkeeper at Beyond Accounting Dublin

Deirdre Ecock – bookkeeping

Ciara McGlanaghy bookkeeper - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Ciara McGlanaghy – bookkeeping

Edel O'Brien bookkeeper at Beyond Accounting Dublin

Edel O’Brien – bookkeeping

Susan McDonald bookkeeper Beyond Accounting Dublin

Susan McDonald – bookkeeping

Gillian Whelan bookkeeper - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Gillian Whelan – bookkeeping

Yulianna Finegan - Operations - Beyond Accountign Dublin

Yulianna Finegan – operations

What the team loves about Beyond

“Coming from a retail background, the customer service ethic at Beyond was a very important factor for me when choosing my placement. I like the fact that I am encouraged to engage with my clients, either over the phone or face to face. There’s great communication within the team, and I get a lot of support.”


“There’s an easy and relaxed atmosphere within the team, but we’re still there to get results for our clients. Moving to the cloud is often a leap of faith for businesses, as it was for me when I first joined the company, but gives them a better service with more flexibility. It also means I can work remotely.”


“Working with cloud software means that I can usually work remotely; which is a big plus for smaller clients because they don’t have to provide me with office space or equipment. But I’ll still see them once or twice a month, which gives me a chance to share insights about improving efficiency and making savings.”


Giving back

Beyond Accounting is built on a strong set of values, and we believe in giving back to the community:


One day a month, we support the Ignite Academy by training jobseekers who are starting their own business.


For the past three years, we have worked on a pro bono basis for several important charities in Dublin.


We organise bi-annual, themed seminars that will bring together business owners and top flight experts.


We offer access to important industry metrics so that businesses can carry out competitive benchmarking.

Beyond Accounting

11-12 Baggot Court, Dublin, D02 F891, Ireland

+353 (0)1 639 2963

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