Keeping key performance indicators simple

What metrics really matter? Which ones make and break the success of your company? By identifying your key performance indicators, you can begin to make informed adjustments to your processes and become more closely aligned to your overall business strategy, reducing the bottom line and increasing profit.
Growing your business sell online with Shopify and Xero - beyond accounting - dublin

Sell online with Shopify and Xero

Is the fear of the unknown stopping you from taking the leap and selling online? Shopify has become the dominant e-commerce platform, and it has the added benefit of a smart integration with Xero that will make managing your online sales a breeze.
Growing your business is an accelerator your next step Beyond Dublin

Is an accelerator the next step?

Accelerator programmes are geared towards startups that are ready for growth. As well as office space, mentoring and networking, accelerators usually provide seed capital in exchange for equity and may provide access to R&D facilities, training, and interns.
Raising capital for your startup with EIIS - Beyond Dublin

Rraising capital for your startup with EIIS

Need funding for your startup? The Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS) is an alternative way to raise capital for your small business.
Ireland - grow in an enterprise friendly location - Beyond Dublin

Ireland - grow in an enterprise-friendly location

Ireland is a highly favourable environment to conduct business in, and a magnet for enterprises from all around the globe. But what circumstances are necessary to benefit from our tax incentives?
Business advice how to write a great business plan - beyond accounting - dublin

How to write a great business plan

Starting or growing a business? Companies that commit their business plans to paper achieve better results than those that don’t. Here are the seven key elements we include when writing a business plan...
Business advice effective credit control in business - beyond accounting - dublin

Effective credit control in business

Commonly, when a business gives credit, they allow 30 days for payment. This means your client has 30 days from the time you issue your invoice to pay you. Some bigger clients might require a longer period, and 60 days isn’t unheard of...
Beyond Accounting Dublin Sage versus Xero expert

Accounting solutions for small business - Sage vs Xero

There’s a lot happening in the accounting software space for SMEs and the two leading competitors, Sage and Xero, are battling it out for market share...
Business strategy how to succeed with your new business - beyond accounting - dublin

How to succeed with your new business

We asked our founding partner, Rory Finegan, for his three key tips for young businesses. In this short video, Rory outlines what businesses can do to increase their chances of success.
Business advice when to incorporate your business - beyond accounting - dublin

When to incorporate your business

A lot of people start off in business as a sole trader and that’s something of a common practice. It’s relatively easy to set up as a sole trader due to there being few regulations, little cost and I recommend it as a structure in starting your business.