Challenger banks are revolutionising how you do banking

At the moment, businesses in Ireland have three main options for banking - Bank of Ireland, AIB and Ulster bank. However, the emerging industry of fintech is bringing waves of change to how we do banking and with it come challenger banks entering the market.
Financial advice: enjoy serious tax savings by making pension contributions - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Enjoy serious tax savings by making pension contributions

Pensions are a bit of a holy grail when it comes to tax-efficient investments. Did you know that serious tax savings can be made for proprietary directors? What we’re about to share with you will be all the motivation you need to start making pension contributions as soon as possible.
Financial advice: Brexit as an opportunity for Irish SMEs to get financial support

Brexit is an opportunity for Irish SMEs to get access to soft loans

Worried Brexit will damage your SME? The EU and the Irish government have released financial support in the form of loan schemes that you can apply for. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your position in the face of uncertain times and secure the finance you need to grow!
Financial advice: what does the P2P lending market look like in Ireland

What does the P2P lending market look like in Ireland?

Thinking about peer-to-peer lending in Ireland? Peer-to-peer lending, also known as crowdfunding, removes banks from the picture when you need to generate funds fast without any upfront costs! Let's see what Flender, Spark Crowdfunding, Grid Finance, Linked Finance and Property bridges are up to...
Financial advice: Spark Crowdfunding offers a new way for SMEs to raise equity - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Spark Crowdfunding offers a new way for SMEs to raise equity

Up until recently, the ability for Irish SMEs to raise equity has been very limited. But Spark Crowdfunding is a new equity crowdfunding platform that is making exciting movements in this area. This will be of interest to anyone investigating the best way to raise money for their business.
Rory's Budget 2018 insights - Beyond Accounting - Chartered Accoutnant Dublin

Economy: Rory's Budget 2018 insights

The 2018 Budget feels very déjà vu in that it lacks any meaningful measures. There is nothing to get too enthusiastic about or too angry about and I guess that is the whole point. Personally, I would have preferred to see a more courageous budget with more leadership and vision.

How to conduct a company valuation

A company valuation is not just the first step in a retirement plan; it's also an attractive business strategy. So how do you calculate the value of your company when the time comes to it? Let’s take a closer look at company valuation…

Is financial trauma hurting your pension savings?

We all know someone who lost all of their pension savings during the crash because they were invested in shares and property. But beware of letting financial trauma from the recession hurt your current retirement plan. You can still make smart investments with the right financial advice!

What amount of liquid funds should I hold in my company?

Can your business cope with fluctuations in payments and expenses? If you need to micromanage your financial transactions week in, week out then it's time to evaluate how healthy your business truly is. When you're growing your business, it’s vital to have a healthy cash flow.
how much should my company accountant cost - Beyond - Dublin

How much should my company accountant cost?

Are you paying too much for your accountant? We have managed to calculate an applicable benchmark for the financial cost of the accountancy function that you can use for your own company, whatever type of business is it.