Beyond Accounting advice How I grew my business using content marketing

How I Grew My Business Using Content Marketing

Since Beyond was founded, we have grown by around 30% - 40% per…
Beyond Accounting advice Better Cash Flow Forecasting And Futrli

Better Cash Flow Forecasting And Futrli

In younger companies, cash flow is typically more important than…
Beyond Accounting advice How To Set Your Rates Or Pricing In A Service Business

How To Set Your Rates Or Pricing In A Service Business

Setting pricing and rates for a service business can be tricky.…

Avoid The Trauma Of Business Planning With Liveplan

You may think you don’t need a business plan, but I recommend…

Why Some SaaS Companies Are Thriving In A Niche

Do you remember how we used to buy software? You’d go to a…

Top 4 Trends To Watch In Retail And Hospitality Right Now

Online Irish consumers are expected to double their spend by 2021. This steep upward projection for e-commerce shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but there are some more nuanced trends we’ve noticed in the retail space that are worth keeping an eye on as well...

Scaling Up? Time To Incentivise Your Team With Share Options

Ever considered offering key employees share ownership? If you’re chasing real business growth, share options can really consolidate your senior management team. If you want your team to join you in “thinking big”, then the solution is simple - give them something tangible to think big about!

Four Ways You Should Prepare If You’re Selling Your Company

Thinking about selling your company? Having a registered company with a couple of employees, a website, a handful of clients and intellectual property still doesn’t necessarily translate into real market value. That's why it is worthwhile to have a business strategy to get your company ready to go on the market.

Take Back The Reins With A Mid-Year Review

Did you do your mid-year review? No? At Beyond, we think it is worth your time because the mid-year review is your opportunity to be really proactive. It gives you the opportunity to make timely changes that will impact the current financial year.

Keeping Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Simple

What metrics really matter? Which ones make and break the success of your company? By identifying your key performance indicators, you can begin to make informed adjustments to your processes and become more closely aligned to your overall business strategy, reducing the bottom line and increasing profit.