Claiming Research And Development Tax Credits In Ireland - Beyond Accounting

Claiming Research And Development Tax Credits In Ireland

If your business invests in innovation, the costs of research…
COVID-19 Help and support for Irish businesses - Beyond Accounting

COVID-19: Help And Support For Irish Businesses

Published 24/03/2020, edited 26/03/2020 to update information…
How to manage your business more proactively - Beyond Accounting Dublin

How To Manage Your Business More Proactively

If I had to choose one quality that really defines Beyond, it…
Beyond Accounting Dublin - Buying and selling a professional services company

Buying And Selling A Professional Services Company

When you’re in business, you’ll usually have one eye on the…
Part 2 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business - beyond accounting - dublin

Part 2: 12 Hacks To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Business

Are you an entrepreneur struggling to get back that first love…
Part 1: 12 hacks to reduce the stress of running a business - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

Part 1: 12 Hacks To Reduce The Stress Of Running A Business

Why did you decide to become a business owner? Last month, we…

What Is Involved In Outsourced Accounting?

Most small to medium-sized companies will not have the budget to have their own internal accountancy function, especially if they are growth orientated. That's why it often makes financial sense to outsource accounting. But what is involved in outsourced accounting? How is it different to employing the services of a bookkeeper?
Business advice: what you need to know about PAYE modernisation coming on 1st January 2019

What You Need To Know About PAYE Modernisation Coming On 1st January 2019

On the 1st January 2019, Revenue is blasting into the 21st century with PAYE modernisation. This is all a part of their big movement towards going digital, but what does this mean for company Directors, bookkeepers and employees?
4 powerful books to boost your business brain - Beyond Accounting - Dublin

4 Powerful Books To Boost Your Business Brain

Books allow you to step into the minds of successful CEOs, billionaires, founders and entrepreneurs for a few hours and, by just being in their presence in this way, their expertise can rub off on you with powerful results. Discover these 4 business books straight off the Beyond bookshelf.
Association of Chartered Accountants tips for exam success! - Beyond Accounting Dublin

Association Of Chartered Accountants: Tips For Exam Success!

Every trainee accountant has their own techniques for tackling exams. We thought we'd ask for a few insights from our own Ellen Dudley; she knows how to keep a cool head under pressure and recently came 4th in Ireland for her CAP 1 ACA chartered accountancy exams!