Growing your business sell online with Shopify and Xero - beyond accounting - dublin

Sell online with Shopify and Xero

Is the fear of the unknown stopping you from taking the leap and selling online? Shopify has become the dominant e-commerce platform, and it has the added benefit of a smart integration with Xero that will make managing your online sales a breeze.
What are professional services according to the Irish Revenue - Beyond - Dublin

What does Revenue consider 'professional services'?

Many people assume professional services only refers to the legal and financial types of services. But, according to Revenue, they can include a variety of other services such as marketing, management consulting, computer programming...
Disposing of your business assets with CGT Retirement Relief- beyond - dublin

CGT Retirement Relief: disposing of your business assets

When should you be planning for your retirement? If you’re asking the question then now is the right time, because the earlier you begin considering your options for retirement, the more options you ultimately have.